Got ya, bruh!

We love April. The month’s showers bring May’s flowers. Baseball begins the long march towards October. Our future members in the College Republicans begin thinking about graduation…

…and of course, the month is started off by one of the best holidays of the year – April Fools Day! Now, a few (well, maybe more…) of you may have gotten punk’d by us. We’re here to assure you that the Georgia Young Republicans are in fine form. We continue to operate one of the best group of young conservatives in the country. Our chapters are growing, and our membership is growing with them. This is part of what we had to say on the matter:

“We are in an unprecedented era in American politics. Up is down, down is sideways, and many in our generation don’t know where to turn. We, as the Georgia Young Republicans, hope that at some level our little joke today can highlight one truth that never gets forgotten in the mix. Family comes first. The crazier the family, more often than not the stronger the bonds.
“If you’re not already a part of it, we hope to someday soon call you brothers and sisters.”

If you’re part of our family, you’re going to inevitably find a reason to laugh. It builds the bonds we need to fight together when the work is tough.

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It is officially Election Day! The Georgia Young Republicans would like to thank all candidates running for office. We'd also like to give a shout out to those that tirelessly "behind the scenes" on campaigns. No matter the results of today's primary, it's important that we unite behind our nominees and show the Democrats in November that there is no "blue wave." Polls open at 7AM. Get out and vote!

Full statement by Chairman Colt Chambers:
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