October Member Spotlight

Lisa Adkins | Cobb County   GYR: Why did you join the Young Republicans?   I became involved in the Young Republicans to rebrand the party. There are so many amazing traits of the Republican party that are lost in sound bites. I also will continue to fight for our children through educational advocacy.  GYR: What… Read more »

March Member Spotlight

Danielle Rojas, 25 War Town Young Republicans Danielle is one of those staunch conservatives we all love to know! “I am a republican because the principles in which the party stands by reflect my inner constitution,” she says. “I feel that government assistance should be minimal. I believe the people of this country should try their… Read more »

February Member Spotlight

Sara Cordle, 35 North Metro Young Republicans Georgia is a place of dreams it will one day be said. So many Americans are moving here and calling it home. Sara Cordle, one of the founders and the Marketing / Events Chair for the North Metro Young Republicans, is one such Georgian. Now 35, she moved to… Read more »

January Member Spotlight

Jessica Carrier, 38 Rome Young Republicans Jessica has been a member of the Rome Young Republicans since 2011. She initially joined because she wanted to be part of the entire process: meetings, special functions and conventions. She is passionate about helping get fiscal conservatives elected who fight for liberty and freedom on all levels of government…. Read more »

December Member Spotlight

Abbie Frye, 21 Buckhead Young Republicans Abbie represents the next generation of Buckhead Young Republicans. As a senior at UGA she has a dual role, both being a YR and a CR. In December 2014 she was elected Chairman of the UGA College Republicans. One of her goals was to establish relationships with YR chapters throughout… Read more »

November Member Spotlight

Sydney Rubin, 25 Atlanta Young Republicans   Sydney joined the ranks of the Atlanta Young Republicans just this year, after attending meetings and social events that drove home some important steps the YRs can take to make the party better.  “I enjoy the friendships and fellowship I experience at AYR events but also find gatherings to… Read more »

October Member Spotlight

Hannah Yu, 25 Cobb County Young Republicans Hanna is a University of Georgia graduate where she majored in journalism. Many of the values that’s driven her to become more active with the YRs was formed as a child. Hanna’s aunt and uncle raised her and her brother. Current events where a continuous focus. Hanna believes… Read more »

September Member Spotlight

Daelen Lowry, 19 Gwinnett Young Republicans 19 year old Daelen represents the promise of what the Young Republicans are capable of becoming. With deep principles that long to see our country returned to the ideal of our founding fathers and service to “We the People” instead of self-serving career politicians, she joined the Gwinnett chapter… Read more »