Lisa Adkins | Cobb County 


 GYR: Why did you join the Young Republicans?  

I became involved in the Young Republicans to rebrand the party. There are so many amazing traits of the Republican party that are lost in sound bites. I also will continue to fight for our children through educational advocacy.
 GYR: What is one fun fact about you?
One fun fact is that sang the National Anthem at the University of South Florida’s homecoming game in 1999 as part of a quinte.
GYR: If you could have coffee with one person, who would it be and why? 
I would love to sit down and have a chat with Ted Cruz. He is extremely intelligent and well versed in the Constitution and can be a powerful voice to refocus the party and the messaging.

Donovan Head | War Head donovan-gyr

 GYR: Why did you join the Young Republicans?  
I am a Young Republican because it seems like a natural orogression. I started my political activity in 2003 at 15 years old by establishing the Sprayberry High School Teen-Republicabs, and working with my longtime friend and now fellow War Town Young Republican, Jade Morey, to establish the Cobb County Teen-Republicans, and was a founding member of the Georgia Teen-Republicans. I went on to Valdosta State University and was Chairman of our College Republican Chapter there from 2008-2011. There I also was a founding member of the South Georgia Young Republicans; after graduating Valdosta State I moved to Jacsonville, FL and was an active member of the Jacksonville Young Republicans, also serving as the North Florida GOTV Director for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign. I moved to Warner Robins in 2013 and have since worked as a Field Representative/Office Manager for U.S. Congressman Austin Scott. Moving here, I realized there was a lack of opportunities to meet and connect with fellow Young Professionals and Republicans that are like minded, specifically millenials. Jade Morey, Eric Langston, myself and others started the War Town Young Republicans in 2015, and having spent the last 12 years heavily involved in similar organizations, I have enjoyed pulling from that experience to encourage the implementation of some of my favorite activities from the past. This lead to many Debate Watch Parties and our Battleground State Deployment to St. Petersburg/Clearwater, FL this weekend. Those of us that love politics and became active at a young age know that it is in our blood, it’s a big part of who we are as people; we live and breathe it. 
 GYR: What is one fun fact about you?
My first campaign I actively volunteered for as Tom Price’s original run for Congress in 2004. It was a crowded primary and contentious runoff. It was a great experience getting to know then State Senator Tom Price; Congressman Tom Price remains one of my favorite people in politics.
GYR: If you could have coffee with one person, who would it be and why? 
If I could grab coffee with anyone, I would have to say it would be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. I think he is a brilliant individual, and he knows exactly what is needed to build a bright and sucessful future for the Republican Party and for our nation. His compassion for others and his humility provide a great example for young aspiring leaders. Wheather it be in 2020 or 2024, I am Team Paul Ryan for President all the way!

Sara Cordle Danielle Rojas, 25
War Town Young Republicans

Danielle is one of those staunch conservatives we all love to know! “I am a republican because the principles in which the party stands by reflect my inner constitution,” she says. “I feel that government assistance should be minimal. I believe the people of this country should try their very best to take care of their needs before using government assistance. Yes hard times come to most everyone, but what makes someone stronger is by bettering themselves on their own and striving to live the true American dream.” Danielle is also a hard believer in our constitutional right to bear arms and that the government should have little regulation that right to own and carry a gun. She proudly exercises her right on a regular basis!

A cool fact about Danielle is that she celebrates Valentine’s Day as her birthday; she also spoils rotten her blood hound and yellow lab!

“If I could have coffee with any historical figure it would be Margaret Thatcher. She was the longest-serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century and is currently the only woman to have held the office. I would love to talk with her and get advice about what it’s like to be a strong and conservative female,” Danielle says. We can only imagine the conversation that would be.

Johnny HuegoMark Pettit, 23
Hall County Young Republicans

Mark Pettitt isn’t a new face in Georgia Politics. Starting in 2009 he became State Chairman of the Georgia Teen Republicans where served until 2010. He has also worked on many political campaigns in Georgia. Most notably Deal 2010, Hawkins for Congress, and numerous local elections in Hall County where he was born and raised. Mark is also a proud recipient of the 2011 Georgia 9th Congressional District Young Horizon Award.

Mark says he is a Republican because he “Believes in the power of an individual to, when met with opportunity, make his own success in life.” If Mark could sit down a grab coffee with one historical figure he said, “I would love to have coffee with Charlie Wilson; just to ask him why and how he did it.” Mark enjoys to garden in his free time and says it is his “therapy”.

Mark currently serves as the Hall County Young Republicans Executive Director. He works for the betterment of Hall County as Chairman of the Library Board and also serves as the district 1 representative on the SPLOST committee.

Sara Cordle Sara Cordle, 35
North Metro Young Republicans

Georgia is a place of dreams it will one day be said. So many Americans are moving here and calling it home. Sara Cordle, one of the founders and the Marketing / Events Chair for the North Metro Young Republicans, is one such Georgian. Now 35, she moved to Georgia to be with her future husband (she and Damien, her fiancé, will be married March 12!) who then got her more involved in party activities.

Funny story about “party activities.” Sara is a wedding planner by trade, and a fantastic one at that (in case anyone else is planning on getting hitched like she is). When she and Damien visited Cumberland Island on a small trip, they joined a local watering hole for some drinks and dinner – the only place open – and stumbled upon a wedding party. As they settled into their seats, in comes men in blue jeans and women in sundresses, followed by the groom carrying his bride. “That night Damien and I made 10 new friends – 15 if you count the 3 dogs, the bar owner who drank more than she sold and her cat Hank Williams,” Sara wrote.

Sara says “I am a republican because I believe there is a deeper satisfaction in a life that creates his or her own way rather than being told the path or handed the scraps to simply live on.” In no way is this demonstrated better than saying she’d have coffee with her younger self, aged 13, just simply to say things will be okay despite the trials and tough work ahead.

Johnny HuegoJohnny Huego, 27
NewRock Young Republicans

Johnny Huego is one of the emerging leaders in the Republican Party that recognize the importance of roots. “Constitutional and conservative principles are why I am a republican,” the 27-year old member of the NewRock Young Republicans tells us. “I love our country and the freedom, liberty, and potential it maintains.” Nowhere is this more evident than his choice of a historical figure with whom he’d grab a cup of coffee, John Adams.

Like most young voters, Johnny paid attention quite a bit when it came to politics, but as he put it, needed to mature “a little more down the line.” The patience is commendable, as he took time to understand the issues by discussing politics and ideas with his peers before getting out there with a full head of steam. Thankfully, he’s now part of a new chapter growing and flourishing in Georgia. No doubt that maturity he took time to develop is paying off tremendously.

One funny story about him. In 2012, when the Falcons faced the 49ers for a birth in the Super Bowl on the line, he turned around to take a selfie. He got a shot for social media, alright, as his entire section aimed to get his attention pointed towards the jumbotron. “All of a sudden I see everybody looking at me so I turn around and see myself on the big screen in the stadium! I was caught completely off guard!”

Jessica Carrier Jessica Carrier, 38
Rome Young Republicans

Jessica has been a member of the Rome Young Republicans since 2011. She initially joined because she wanted to be part of the entire process: meetings, special functions and conventions. She is passionate about helping get fiscal conservatives elected who fight for liberty and freedom on all levels of government. In 2012 she become the Secretary of Rome Young Republicans, and in 2013 was elected Recording Secretary for the Floyd County GOP.

Jessica firmly believes in the Mission Statement of the Floyd County GOP to describe why she is passionate about being a republican. If Jessica could grab coffee with a person in history it would be a toss up between Thomas Jefferson or James Madison. Topics of discussion would include Freedom, Liberty, standing firm in your beliefs, and doing what is right at all costs even when it isn’t popular to do what is right.

Fun Fact: Jessica loves music festivals. Her favorite band is Phish and most people think of her as a modern Hippie.

Walker GarrettWalker Garrett, 31
Greater Columbus Young Republicans

Walker has been involved with young republicans in some form since childhood. Want proof? As a young child in middle school, his friends and him formed the “Boo Bill Clinton Club” where we talked about what little 10-13 year old boys really knew about politics. As soon as he got to college, he joined the College Republicans and started working on grassroots efforts for the Bush ’43 campaign.

In 2010 he joined the Greater Columbus Young Republicans as soon as I got back from Mercer Law School. He became active with local YRs as a way to continue his involvement with the party and meet like minded individuals in Columbus.

He comments, “I am a Republican because I believe in limited government and personal responsibility. No party is perfectly alligned with anyone’s political views 100%, but the Republican Party certainly represents my views and beliefs best. I believe in the philosophy of teaching a man to fish, rather than giving a man a fish, empowering our fellow man to be independent needing the government to survive. The Republican Party’s fiscal policies in particular align my closely with my beliefs.”

If he could grab coffee with one person in history, it would be the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He would talk to him about where the United States is today, how that relates to the decline of the Roman Empire. He’d further ask him for advice on how to keep our nation moving forward and avoid sliding into decline like the Roman Empire and most other historical empires have done.

Fun Fact: He is a pug lover. He adopted two pugs from King Henry and Gracie, a local shelter. Walker considers himself “pugsessed,” he continues, “Pugs have the best personalities, stubborn but adorable.” Connect with Walker.

Abbie Frye Abbie Frye, 21
Buckhead Young Republicans

Abbie represents the next generation of Buckhead Young Republicans. As a senior at UGA she has a dual role, both being a YR and a CR. In December 2014 she was elected Chairman of the UGA College Republicans. One of her goals was to establish relationships with YR chapters throughout the state, something that was previously non-existent.

She is a Republican because she views the of party’s pragmatic principles and common-sense American values of limited government, lower taxes and individual liberties are key to ensure our country’s best days lie ahead.

“I have learned that college students are most successful when they not only have a community, but also have mentors and role models, folks who share the same political interests, but are just a few steps ahead. After visiting a few YR chapters, I decided that Buckhead was the best chapter for me to invest in, not only because of its convenient location in Atlanta, my home stomping grounds, but also because of the culture that is so prevalent in this chapter. Joining BYR as a lifetime member was an easy decision for me.”

In 2015 Abbie interned for Senator Johnny Isakson in Washington D.C. She’s helped take the lessons learned there and has been playing a crucial role on the GOP can connect with young people and current serves on BYR’s executive board as CR Liason. She adds, “I have experienced and continue to experience lifelong friendships not only in my home chapter of BYR, but also in YR chapters throughout the state. I will forever be a “cheerleader” for College Republicans and Young Republicans in Georgia, and look forward to many, many years of friendship and fun ahead.”

Josh MeansJosh Means, 28
Cherokee Young Republicans

Josh is a resident of Woodstock, GA. He first because involved with YRs in 2011 and is the new Chairman of the Cherokee Young Republicans. He believes in giving back to his community and starting one-on-one dialogs with members of government when the policies they create hurt families.

According to Josh, “I believe our leaders need to learn how they can better serve the people they represent, and they need to be held accountable to acting on that knowledge. That’s why I’m a conservative.”

He continues, “One single voice might not affect much change on its own, but I know first-hand that our country is better off when we put our voices and experiences together. That’s why I’ve been involved with the YR group in my county since 2011. It gives me the networking opportunities I personally need to improve my community one conversation at a time.”

If he could grab coffee and chat with one person in history, he’d hang out with Bono. Josh would ask him about his favorite memory helping the poorest places on earth develop their local economies.

Fun facts, he speaks Thais, and was a thespian in high school and college!

RubinSydney Rubin, 25
Atlanta Young Republicans


Sydney joined the ranks of the Atlanta Young Republicans just this year, after attending meetings and social events that drove home some important steps the YRs can take to make the party better.  “I enjoy the friendships and fellowship I experience at AYR events but also find gatherings to be very productive and force discussion on hard issues that simultaneously moves the Republican Party forward.”  Those discussion reflect her beliefs about how important the Constitution is to our American republic and its embodiment that the people, not the government, hold ultimate power.

One thing you might not know about Sydney is that she’s a gymnast – or at the very least was for 13 years before backflips on a 4-inch wide beam didn’t seem appealing anymore.  However, she wouldn’t shy away from a good conversation with Abraham Lincoln about how he would see the current state of our country, particularly about the topic of race relations.


HollimanEthan Holliman, 24
Central Savannah River Area Young Republicans


Ethan is also a newer member of the Young Republicans, and helped re-establish the CSRA Young Republicans a few years back.  Driven by his strong personal belief in individual liberty and limited government, his involvement followed that of close personal friends who shared his values.

If given the opportunity, Ethan says he would have a coffee and chat with Alexis de Tocqueville. “We would chat about whether or not America can continue to be great if it ceases to be good,” Holliman says.  Quite an interesting conversation that would be!

If you have had a conversation with Ethan, more than likely you’ve been thrown off by his deep baritone voice.  Don’t let his youthful looks fool you, he can use that deep voice to imitate Gandalf the Gray!  Thanks for being a wizard in the conservative movement, Ethan.

Hannah YuHannah Yu, 25
Cobb County Young Republicans

Hanna is a University of Georgia graduate where she majored in journalism. Many of the values that’s driven her to become more active with the YRs was formed as a child. Hanna’s aunt and uncle raised her and her brother. Current events where a continuous focus. Hanna believes in personal responsibility, a strong national defense, upholding the constitution, and fiscal responsibility. Above all, Hanna expresses that she believes in America.

She has lived in Cobb County since she was 7 years old. She appreciates the solid GOP base within the community and also sees the elephant in the room (no pun intended) is the cliche that the GOP is without young representation. Her role within the YRs allows Hanna to contribute to the community that helped shape her into the person she is today, reaching both the young, and the young at heart. Fun fact, Hanna learned to drive on a Model A Ford. Fairly certain this is unique for all YRs in Georgia, maybe all YRs nationally!

Hanna is a Constituent Services Representative at Office of U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson. Hanna serves as the Vice Chair of Membership with Cobb Young Republicans.

Josh CampbellJosh Campbell, 35
Savannah Area Young Republicans

Josh Campbell graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in 2002. While there he worked for Republican Virginia Delegate, Kathy Byron as a campaign and staff aide. And he worked for Congressman Saxby Chambliss in 2001 in Washington, DC. Upon graduation, he worked for a Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party for two years before attending The Cumberland School of Law at Samford University.

He has litigated hundreds of cases both in Savannah and in Atlanta since passing the bar in 2007. He worked for the president of the Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers association in Savannah, and in Atlanta represented doctors in malpractice suits at Hall, Booth, Smith law firm. He was part of the government affairs team there as well.

Josh is a 2011 graduate of Republican Leadership for Georgia. Now, Josh is the Field Representative of Congressman Buddy Carter, based in the Savannah office. He is also the Communications Director for the Savannah Area Young Republicans.

GYR_Daelen Lowry_GwinnettDaelen Lowry, 19
Gwinnett Young Republicans

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19 year old Daelen represents the promise of what the Young Republicans are capable of becoming. With deep principles that long to see our country returned to the ideal of our founding fathers and service to “We the People” instead of self-serving career politicians, she joined the Gwinnett chapter about 8 months ago after being active in the Teenage Republicans. “I am really active with the county GOP,” she wrote. “I felt that I can do more and learn more in a YR group.”

Daelen isn’t simply a one hit wonder on the political scene, though. She’s been shooting traditional archery since she was six years old, giving a new spin on what it means to use our 2nd Amendment rights! When asked if she could have a cup of coffee with one person in history, she mentioned Clara Barton. Daelen would love to know what “motivated her to aid so many men on the battlefield even though she was putting herself in harm’s way, and what advice she would give to women today.”

GYR_Brandon Joseph Barr_Old CapitolBrandon Joseph Barr, 21
Old Capitol Young Republicans

The Old Capitol Young Republicans are a newer chapter in the GYR family, in large part to the efforts of Brandon working side by side with his brother Ryan to start the chapter in Milledgeville. Brandon has been involved since its inception about a year ago.

The aspiring golf pro turned politico when he went to college, and his purpose in being part of the Republican Party remains firmly in “preserving the American dream.” That commitment to manifest destiny is exampled perfectly by the great American John Browning, designer of some of the greatest firearms in history. Brandon would love to ask the simple, but profoundly important, question about how he came up with such innovative designs.

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