The Strategic Plan

The Georgia Young Republicans are proud to present to you our comprehensive Strategic Plan for 2016-17. We feel the information herein will demonstrate one thing above all else – the Georgia Young Republicans are going to put to good use the machine we’ve built to influence our State and influence our Party.

Over the course of the previous 12 months, the Georgia Young Republicans saw unprecedented growth.  New chapters launched in the North Metro region, Newton/Rockdale Counties, and Houston County.  We successfully recruited new members across the state, met our fundraising goals, and were awarded with recognition from the YRNF as the 2015 National Federation of the Year.  Yes, we have built a machine in youth politics in Georgia with optimism, hope, and an eagerness to share our individual stories as to why we’re Republican.

Now, we begin to Influence our State and Influence our Party.  We are setting our eyes on volunteering 4,000 hours across Georgia for Republican campaigns.  We want to ensure the Republican majority remains strong by successfully defending seats in the U.S. Senate, State Senate, and State House.  We have been excited with anticipation of returning House DIstrict 80 to Republican hands.  We will show what youth activists do, and we will do it with gusto.

The Republican Party isn’t defined by its candidates alone.  It’s largely defined by the capabilities of grassroots activists to influence the election of our candidates in some of the most pressing of circumstances.  We the Georgia Young Republicans have a tremendous base of leaders with the passion and purpose to define the future we want to see. Together, we march to victory, but more importantly, to a brighter future full of optimism, hope, and progress for a brighter Georgia and America.